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James van Bergh

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

The originator and creator of the current success of the Company. Former President of Benefit Systems. James van Bergh graduated from Harvard Business School in 1985. In 1981-1990 he worked in Boston and London as a consultant for Bain & Co. Later on, he was a Director at Task Force on Company Assistance, where he managed a project of the United Nations aimed at supporting the Polish state-owned enterprises in the restructuring processes through cooperation with business experts from different countries. He continued his career in Poland at Company Assistance as the General Manager for four (4) consecutive years. In1995-1997 he served as a director at Trinity Management, a joint venture of Pekao S.A., BZW Barclays Bank, and Company Assistance Ltd. In 1997 he was appointed President of the Management Board of Trinity Management and served in the position for two (2) years. In 2000-2003 he was the CEO of the E-Katalyst S.A. fund.

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