Prevention – unique benefit through sport and recreation - improves health, imunity and employee satisfaction which leads to workplace efficiency

MultiSport Card – increases your employees' loyalty

Minimal administration – simple registration and database update process

Different financing models – choose the model which best suites you

Flexibillity – duration of the contract is changable

Connectivity – information on Card usage, support from MultiSport team

Limitless cooperation – contrtact cancellation is possible without additional costs, with one month cancellation period



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MultiSport Card


For employees

Access to nearly 4,000 sports and leisure facilities in 650 Polish cities. Improved health and well-being.

For companies

Reflects well on the image of the employer thanks to exemplary non-salary benefits.

For financial planning

The low cost of joining the programme. This is made possible either by payments from a company's Social Benefit Fund or partial payments by employees

MultiSport financing

MultiSport programme can be financed in different ways. Preferences of you and your employees will determine the best possible model.


Financing options at your disposal are:

  • Company covers complete cost of the programme for employee
  • Comapany co-finances the part of the price of the programme and the rest is taken of empoyees' salary
  • Employee pays for complete amount of the programme in the way that Company takes the amount  from the salary of the employee

MultiSport is a proramme based on subscription. The price of the Card depends on many factors, including number of employees included in the Programme and the model of financing. 


Most common models of financing are:

  • Paying of MultiSport programme is completely covered by Employer
  • MultiSport programme is co-financed 50% by Employer


Ratios of co-financing and financing in general can be changed depending on Company's policies and possibilities. 

MultiSport programme is based on monthy subscription and payments are set on on monthly basis. Duration of the contract is unlimited and during that time you can add or remove users in the Programme.


Standard term of payment  is 14 days.


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